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AMP Health is your Swiss

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Insight generation

Need to identify opportunities, address challenges, and make informed decisions to achieve goals?

Medical education

Looking for expertise and experience in developing a curriculum for CME accredited medical education projects?

Medical communications

Need clear, concise, and accurate content creation to convey your scientific and medical information to various audiences?

Medical ethics

Need a partner who understands regulations that govern medical ethics and compliance in healthcare practices?

Scientific events

Want to organise a memorable event – but in which format?


Eager to successfully navigate today’s socially responsible environment with impactful initiatives?

Insight generation & strategy development

Generating insights and developing a strategy are critical steps in achieving desired outcomes in any business. Our team of senior consultants has extensive experience in drug development and have worked with medical affairs and commercial departments and understand their rationales.

We can help you to analyse the situation and obtain valuable insights from your KOLs and colleagues that will enable you to make informed decisions that optimize patient care and navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry.

And we don’t stop with the strategy: we will remain by your side when conceiving next steps and actively implementing the solutions for successful outcomes.

AMP partners with Metaplan to extend our service portfolio on market interactions, strategy work, and academic topics.

Medical education

& accreditation

At AMP we offer comprehensive learning programs tailored to the needs of your audience. We provide diversified learning content that is presented in an innovative and logically structured manner to produce measurable, outcome-driven results that can be CME accredited and are fully compliant with healthcare regulations.

Our approach is based on a well-defined conceptual flow and execution. We help to develop your curriculum by defining learning objectives, content and educational tactics. If your training is to be delivered as a live event, we will liaise with your faculty, coordinate their presentations, secure CME accreditation, and logistics.

For virtual learning experiences we offer a variety of tools such as videos, podcasts, eLearning modules, reading materials and moderated fora or panel discussions, which can all be delivered via a learning management system that allows you to track the learning journey of your participants.



Medical communication is a vital component of the healthcare industry, allowing for the exchange of information and knowledge between industry, medical experts, patients, and other stakeholders. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including medical writing, scientific publications, digital media, and educational programs.

We believe that effective medical communications can facilitate better healthcare outcomes by ensuring that accurate, up-to-date information is available to all stakeholders.

At AMP we provide a full range of medical education and communication services, and we also have a strategic collaboration with Springer Healthcare to scale our service portfolio in an international network.



Our team delivers the highest standards of efficiency, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness when it comes to planning, organising and executing your events at home or abroad.

From investigator or advisory board meetings to international scientific congresses, and whether face-to-face, digital or hybrid, AMP has the experience and network to make your event memorable for your delegates.

We can provide support from concept development and venue sourcing to speaker management, communications and branding, live streaming and compliance/ethics (EFPIA, MedTech Europe, IFPMA, and national regulations).



When working in the healthcare sector or pharmaceutical industry, it is crucial to understand and adhere to the relevant compliance rules.

The healthcare compliance requirements are becoming increasingly complex. US and European regulators continue to issue in-depth rules which define the relationship between healthcare industries, medical experts, and the scientific societies.

These regulations are constantly changing the business model of collaboration. At AMP we can help you to navigate through these seas and ensure that your efforts will remain compliant – so you can concentrate on your other activities.

Our services encompass, but are not limited to, contractual management, Fair Market Value (FMV), Transfer of Value (ToV), applications to national regulators (MDEON, HAIFA, CNOM, etc.), negotiations with HCO, international associations, and full applications for CME credits with UEMS and EACCME.



In today’s society, consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of companies on the environment, society, and governance (ESG). A pharmaceutical company that prioritizes ESG practices can improve its reputation and brand image, thereby increasing customer loyalty and trust.

By 2024, many countries and regulatory bodies will implement stricter rules and regulations surrounding ESG practices, particularly in the area of environmental sustainability. Pharmaceutical companies that fail to comply with these regulations could face legal and financial consequences.

We have a deep understanding and broad experience of ESG practices and can help you to define your strategy to develop, implement and manage your corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.

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