AMP - Association Management Partners

Strategy Development

AMP provides medical associations with the processes and tools necessary to develop and implement a strategy for success.

In a climate where multiple medical associations often compete within one specialty, the most successful associations are those which stand out from the crowd. AMP has longstanding experience in helping medical associations to differentiate themselves in order to sidestep the competition.

Often, the greatest opportunities lie on the road less travelled – using an approach known as “Blue Ocean Strategy”, AMP will help you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation with the market as a whole to create a sustainable and innovative strategy to capitalise on the best long-term opportunities.

In order to ensure accountability, transparency and efficiency, AMP will create a fully-costed action plan which is implemented in defined stages. You can rest assured in the knowledge that AMP partners have first-class qualifications and extensive experience in strategic development. We will help your organisation to grow sustainably, putting innovative ideas into practice to outflank the competition.


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