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Medical education - open the door to new ideas

For AMP, medical education is about more than just lectures and demonstrations in classrooms and labs. We firmly believe that, when executed correctly, medical education programmes can open the door to a unique forum for the exchange of ideas between medical science and the healthcare industry. It is this emphasis on two-way communication which informs everything we do at AMP.

Whether you wish to develop the expertise of your team in a specific field or educate medical professionals on best practice in relation to a medication or device, we will create a bespoke medical education programme to suit your needs.

Internal training programmes

In the healthcare business, knowledge is power. AMP provides the tools necessary to ensure that your firm is never behind the curve of scientific advance. Our internal programmes allow healthcare industry professionals to tap into a wealth of expertise and derive maximum benefit from leading-edge medical science. To ensure optimal return-on-investment, our medical education programmes are always based on defined learning objectives and measurable results. The content and pace of the programmes are carefully calibrated to the prior-knowledge of participants, making them challenging, but never overwhelming. Watch the expertise of your team grow, and let the ideas flow.

External training programmes

Sometimes, the best advice comes from an outsider perspective. AMP creates external training programmes which enable healthcare firms not only to build awareness of new products and devices, but also to gain valuable feedback and constructive criticism from doctors in the field. This gives you the opportunity to open up an honest dialog about new products with healthcare professionals, nursing staff and key opinion leaders.

Where possible, we seek accreditation for our medical education programmes through the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). All of our educational programmes are strictly compliant with all relevant codes of ethical conduct including those published by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and Eucomed.


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