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AMP, eHealth and the paradigm shift

At AMP, we focus on one key lesson from advertising research: medical professionals are just as likely to be guided by their emotions and visual imagery as their patients.

Global demographic changes have led to an increasing number of elderly patients suffering from degenerative conditions such as diabetes mellitus, retinopathies, coronary failure, gout, rheumatism and osteoporosis. In addition, the expansion of communications technology has enabled patients and healthcare consumers to interact and form independent pressure groups. AMP recognises that this changing landscape poses both opportunities and threats for the healthcare industry.

Our portfolio of communications services includes:

  • ┬áInternet portals
  • Dialogue marketing
  • PR articles in print and e-media
  • Communications through direct-to-consumer marketing
  • Evidence-based patient information
  • The production of health advice guides aimed at a broad audience
  • Audio information for visually impaired patients
  • Print advertising such as brochures, leaflets, etc.
  • Editing of scientific publications


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