AMP - Association Management Partners


AMP helps associations to drive forward the careers of talented young medical professionals. We assist associations to develop educational programmes which provide post-residency training to young surgeons, improving both their theoretical expertise and their clinical and surgical competence.

We assist our clients to create educational programmes which communicate “best practice” to participants in an engaging and interactive way. This is achieved through the use of the latest communications technology and by presenting participants with examples from real-life clinical practice. We harness the expertise within an association to provide course participants with face-to-face tutoring and hands-on training by global leaders in the field.

AMP strictly adheres to the Bolognia principles of higher-education and all programmes are continually evaluated according defined educational goals and desired learning outcomes. Our educational services help you to:

  • reduce the workload of the association’s Education and Acceptance Committee
  • setup the association’s educational academy with guidelines and standards
  • design an educational concept and identify focal areas of training
  • collaborate on the creation of preferred specialist curricula
  • create educational handbooks that contain processes and quality requirements
  • engage faculty members in educational programmes, including briefing, contracting and travel planning
  • organise and implement modules, courses or fellowships at university hospitals and leading institutions, including quality assurance, the safeguarding of participants’ / fellows’ income
  • secure industry sponsorship
  • create wet labs (with various materials or cadavers)
  • market courses to potential participants
  • monitor feedback through participant studies with alumni/graduates
  • open and run an alumni organisation


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