AMP - Association Management Partners

Association Management

At AMP, association management is about helping medical associations to create a vision and enact a strategy to increase membership, grow sustainably and stay efficient.

We assume responsibility for management tasks to relieve your workload. The goal is to combine the scientific expertise of your medical association with the business acumen of the AMP management team in order to create an association which is professionalised, highly competitive and stands out from the rest of the field. This is the key to stimulating membership growth and creating an association which is internationally renowned in its specialty.

Internal benefits

  • reduced costs and increased efficiency due to lean management
  • develop an association which is attractive to the leading medical professionals in the field
  • membership growth – create an association which medical professionals are proud to join
  • financial stability

External benefits

  • proactive communication with key medical and industry players
  • fundraising
  • public relations and brand management
  • public affairs and regulatory compliance


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