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AMP is a trusted partner to hundreds of leading medical professionals throughout the world. Our vision is to bridge the gaps between medical associations and the healthcare industry to turn the promise of E-health into reality.

The move towards E-health has been spurred by simultaneous advancements in information technology, medical devices and genomics. Secure professional networks are already enabling medical experts throughout the world to pool their expertise to make better diagnoses, more quickly. In future, medical professionals and the healthcare industry will have access to an unprecedented amount of information which could be used to improve diagnoses, direct R&D activities, and make interactions with patients far more personalised and precise than before.

The expansion of Digital Health will necessitate significant changes in business models in the healthcare industry. A recent study showed that 84% of pharmaceutical companies consider it crucial to have a Digital Health strategy.

Digital Health will give rise to exciting new business opportunities. Research demonstrates that 77% of pharmaceutical companies predict that Digital Health will generate new business by 2020. In order to unlock this potential for growth, however, it is crucial that medical professionals can interact with the healthcare industry in a secure and ethical manner. As a trusted partner to both medical associations and clients in the healthcare industry, therefore, AMP is well positioned to harness the full potential of Digital Health.


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