AMP - Association Management Partners

Marisa Schmid

Art Director
Marisa Schmid is an art director with over 15 years of professional experience in Spain, Germany and Switzerland. She holds a degree in Communications Design from Valencia College of Art and Design (“Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València”) and is also a graduate of the Blocherer College of Interior and Communications Design in Munich (“Blocherer Schule für Innenarchitektur und Kommunikationsdesign”). She has worked for renowned German advertising agencies such as Eiler & Riemel, Heye, For Sale, Funktionsgruppe and Serviceplan.

Based in Zürich since 2006, Marisa specialises in creating elegant and clean corporate designs which combine a vivid visual identity with an emotional resonance. She has a keen eye for detail and helps to educate AMP clients so that they can implement a corporate design consistently throughout their organisation, to create an enduring brand identity. She is fluent in Spanish and German and has a good working knowledge of English.